This Is My Success

The power of learning is universal, and every path to education and career success is unique.

That’s why we created the “My Success” campaign. My Success is focused on the many paths that can be taken to find individual success and highlights the sharing of stories that encourage and inspire.

Create Your Own Success

students have been using ACT Academy as a free learning resource.

fee waivers are awarded annually to help students take the ACT test for free.

of those fee waivers were unused, suggesting that 150K+ students missed out on the opportunity to take the ACT for free. (2017-2018)

You Are Success

Create your own success, and don’t let anything stop you! If you’re having trouble paying for the ACT test, learn more about how we can help.

Help Others Achieve Success

We’re passionate about what we do and determined to help people achieve education and workplace success. Want to join us? Find out more about how you can help students navigate their futures and find success.