Counselor Email Template

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Attention Counselors! Use this email template to help notify students and parents that they’re eligible to take the ACT test for free. 

Subject: You’re eligible to take the ACT test for FREE! 

Hi [student name/parent name],

Success is as unique as a fingerprint—and so is the journey to achieve it. Create your own success and don’t let anything stop you!

The ACT test provides personalized information to help you succeed in college and a career, and you’re eligible to take it for free. With the ACT Fee Waiver Program, you can take up to 2 ACT tests and access ACT test prep resources for free! Here is a great resource that explains more about the program. All you have to do is come see me for the fee waiver and make sure you use the code during the registration process.

Throughout the 2019-20 academic school year, (October, December, February, April, June and July) ACT will also be awarding 7 scholarships that are exclusively for students who use or are eligible for an ACT fee waiver. See Official Rules for further details on ACT fee waiver drawing eligibility.

If you have any questions about the fee waiver program,  I’d be happy to walk you through the ACT registration process. And remember, you are success!