Advocate Toolkit

Use our Advocate Toolkit to share the My Success campaign with your network, and help students celebrate their many paths to success. Explore, download, and share!

Overview Video

Share this campaign video to help inspire others to share their story of success.

Promote On Your Social Channels

Use this sample social media post to motivate and inspire others, and promote learning resources and the My Success campaign.

Success is as unique as a fingerprint—and so is the journey to achieve it. Share your story of success with us to inspire others to find their own. #MyStoryMySuccess

Style Guide

Use this style guide to help you co-brand and support the My Success campaign.

Campaign Logos

Use these logos to help you co-brand and promote the My Success campaign within your network.

My Success Promo Templates

Print or customize a postcard or business card to help promote the My Success campaign with your network. Vistaprint offers quick and cost-effective ways to print on demand.


Who doesn’t like a sticker? Help build a community of support by handing out stickers to build advocacy around the My Success campaign.